Thursday, January 30, 2014

Unpleasant Truths

I just finished watching Greg Gutfeld gore the left for their collective hatred and the fact that they always blame it on the right. I remember walking in the parking lot of my junior college and seeing a bumper stickered care with one sticker that stood out. The sticker read, "Fight Hatred, Fight the Right." I have been a conservative all of my life, and I have never felt hatred for anyone. I don't even hate the left. Granted, they make me sick to my stomach with disgust at times, but I don't hate them. At least, not yet.

Name a perversity, and it is a sure fire bet that they will support it with the possible exception of pedophilia. I don't list bestiality because I am pretty sure that that may be going too far. But what would you expect from a people whose very political ideology is one contradiction after another? They support children, unless they are killing them in their mother's womb. They support the family, unless they are destroying it to make room for alternatives. They support free speech, unless they are stifling it from people who disagree with them. They support equal rights, unless they are busy eliminating them for their political enemies. What's worse is that the left does not even recognize these contradictions.

MSNBC in a pattern of behavior that indicates that their social faux pas are cultural and not incidental, insults those on the right nearly every day. If those on the right were an ethnic minority, MSNBC would be indistinguishable from the KKK or the neo-Nazis. While some would term that statement to be an exaggeration, the unpleasant truth is that I am right. Why else would there be this culture not only as MSNBC, but across the spectrum of the left as a whole?

That culture indicates that hatred is endemic to the left. You cannot live with hatred day by day and not be adversely affected by it, and if you are immersed in hatred it doesn't take very long for it to seep into your very bones. That is why MSNBC is slamming the door on their crank every time they turn around and they don't even realize it. We are not dealing with a deliberate act, we are dealing with a culture that acts as a matter of course. That is why Ed Schultz, Martin Bashir, and Melissa Harris-Perry all spout hatred without even giving it a second thought. That is why Bashir wasn't fired, and why MSNBC never changes despite one apology after another.

It is like an alcoholic who abuses his wife and then apologizes after he has sobered up. But tomorrow, he does it all over again. What has changed? Not a damned thing. He still drinks, and until he stops drinking he will never stop abusing his wife. The same can be said of MSNBC. Until they and the left can let go of their hatred, they will continue to abuse the right only to apologize for it when the door slams shut on their privates.

But first, they have to admit that they have a problem, and that will mean that they have to recognize the inherent contradictions in their own political ideology. Like the drunk, there is an underlying need. How can you be all inclusive if you discriminate? How can you support free speech, when you stifle it? How can you be for children, when you kill them? Their entire political ideology is one lie after another, and they never even realize it. They are opposed to hatred, except when it fuels their ideology. This is the National Socialist methodology: use hatred and anger to fuel political change. Don't know who the National Socialists were? Perhaps you know them better by their other name, the Nazis. The same title that they so often apply to the right with vindictive glee in yet another astonishing contradiction.

The trouble with recognizing the contradictions within your ideology means that you have been living a lie. If the people that you identify with have been filling your head with lies and expecting you to live with them, what else have they been lying about? And that road leads to one unpleasant revelation after another. That is why Thomas Sowell and David Horowitz left the Communist Party. It is ultimately why any on the left leaves the ideology and then becomes one of it's staunchest foes. You cannot live like that and then be friendly to an ideology that has held your mind enslaved to one lie after another. Hence the numerous contradictions. One cannot live a lie without consequences because reality inevitably intrudes.

Despite the will of man, reality will not alter itself to fit his lies. Therefore, contradictions will inevitably arise when man's beliefs differ from what is found in reality. When man is confronted with these contradictions, he must make a choice. Does he accept reality or continue with his false belief? The left resolves this contradiction by rejecting reality and substituting their own. Therefore the contradiction means that their solution is working, in the mind of the leftist. This is why Socialism is tried over and over again in man's history. In one example after another, Socialism has failed repeatedly. One cannot simply spend another's money forever. Sooner or later, the well will run dry. That is the reality of the situation. Of course, the Socialist always believes that this time it will be different. This time the right person is running the machinery, and that takes us to the definition of insanity. One cannot do the same things over and over again and expect different results. To do so is the very definition of insanity.

More specifically, it is the definition of psychosis in that an inability to discern reality makes one very crazy. So on the bright side, the left is not so much a political ideology as it is a mental instability. If only there were a pill for it.

Until such time as this psychosis is cured, we will just have to live with one useless apology after another until the left recovers and finally recognizes their problem. Of course, we ourselves know that the apology is meaningless or we would fall subject to a contradiction ourselves.

On the bright side, at least we are sane.


Mustang said...

I do hate the left. My reason is simple: should I tolerate someone who seeks to destroy my country? It is not in my nature to welcome what history shows us time and again, what is a failed system. I’m speaking of communism here, for this is precisely what the progressive movement has become. It rejects human liberty in favor of larger, totalitarian government, it rejects free market capitalism in favor of a command economy, and it maintains that America is not exceptional. This will be undeniably true once the leftists in this country have finished their work. Do I hate these people? Yes. I hate them as much as I would hate anyone who came into my home and harmed my family.

William Stout said...

Well said, Mustang. The only reason that I don't hate them is because I believe that they know not what they do. The Soviets called them useful idiots during the Cold War, and that is the way that I see them. Separated from reality, they destroy what is best about our nation as they seek to bring about that which will ultimately destroy them. Like you, I see the damage that has been done to our homeland by these people and I mourn for what was. At their core they know only hatred, they work only destruction, and in the end they will be the victim of the violence they so passionately wish to inflict upon us, should they ever fully realize their greatest desire. The irony runs deep.

Brought up in schools that promote leftist ideals, educated at institutions of higher learning that further inculcate the values of the Frankfurt School, and coddled by a political party that seeks only their vote and has no interest in their success, how could they ever support a system that rewards the individual with both freedom and independence? Has not the collective always taken care of them? In such a system, liberty is terrifying, and that is why they seek the government to replace their parents. It is why they harbor such resentment for anyone who would separate them from the government's tit.

Over at Crusader Rabbit, he has a Bill Whittle video that explains the leftist narrative far more eloquently than I can. Mr. Whittle goes into great depth about how the narrative established itself in our culture, and how it maintains it's status. I highly recommend a view, if that is something that you would be interested in.

On a personal note, great to hear from you!

WomanHonorThyself said...

spot on Bill as always but incest is already making its way into Hollywood movies and best--iality and pedo--philia are not far behind...what a sheer horror they have made this beautiful world my friend. Bless you mightily!!!

christian soldier said...

I wrote this in response to your comment at my site-
" christian soldier said...

W-it reminds me of the tyranny during the times of Hitler-Stalin-Caesar - Pharisees over the Hebrews-and on and on- and the "Sheep" never learn!!
Thank you for stopping by- my Patriot friend.."

Unless and until we get our education system back- the young will continue to me indoctrinated by the followers of the Dark Side--
and - most important- a return to Biblical principals..!

Wonderful post -!!

Always On Watch said...

I occasionally watch a few minutes of MSNBC on weekday evenings. Occasionally. I like to see what the enemy is up to.

It's always the same ol' thing: blah, blah, blah, I hate the Right, blah, blah, blah.

I fail to understand why anyone would watch this kind of tripe -- this kind of hate -- for hours on end. It is no wonder that so many Leftists are brainwashed!

Leftists on the web -- bloggers, I mean -- parrot the tripe broadcast by MSBC. Disgusting.

WomanHonorThyself said...

hope you are well Bill:)