Thursday, March 3, 2011

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Lately, I cannot shake the feeling that evil is stalking the Earth once again. I have been witness to chilling parallels that hearken back to the rise of the Nazis in the thirties, I have witnessed the near collapse of the world's economy, and I have seen nation after nation's government come under fire and be swept away. Insolvency threatens Portugal, Ireland, Spain, and Greece and the EU is spending itself into oblivion. Even the economic dynamo of Germany is strained. In the Western hemisphere things are little better.

In a moment of mass insanity we elected an effeminate Marxist to the highest office in the land because he was a good con man. Worse, we are in no better financial shape than Europe. In fact, I will go so far as to say that the Fed has nothing left if another financial catastrophe occurs. In that event, the entire U.S. economy will collapse like a house of cards and the economy of the world will rapidly follow. Worse, Islam stands at the threshold ready to finish the West as soon as the opportunity presents itself and Israel is pilloried by the international community for defending herself. The societal acid known as the leftist perspective has greatly weakened the infrastructure of Western ideology and this has allowed our enemies to close on us.

With the West so weakened, we are ill prepared to meet a worldwide conflict. We have neither the personnel nor the will for such a conflict nor do we have the money to finance any opposition. In other words, we are right where the left wishes us to be, at the verge of losing our superpower status and degenerating into a first or second world power. In fact, that process began when President Obama began his worldwide apology tour and denied that there was anything exceptional about America. But he was wrong.

America is exceptional. Our strength lies in our individuality and independence from government. Our nation was built by pioneers who struggled to build, expand, and to grow the United States of America. It was damned difficult and blood was shed in order create the nation that we reside in today, and while the men and women of yesterday were made of sterner stuff, the blood that flowed in their veins also flow in ours and we can take up the challenges that are coming and overcome them as did our forebears if we, but have the will to do so.

Collectivism is for the weak who have not the stomach to stand on their own two feet. Individualism is superior to any form of the collective because the individual must be rugged and determined if he is to be successful, but such an individual does not allow his less fortunate fellows to fall behind and that is at the crux of American exceptionalism. We believe in giving a man a hand up, not a hand out.

Even Ben Franklin knew that the poor should never be made comfortable in their circumstances. For if a man is comfortable he will not seek to better himself. The poor man's discomfort will prod him to improve his situation and he will become stronger as an individual and develop self worth by his accomplishments.

American compassion has helped to alleviate suffering all over the world. We have even deployed American troops to provide protection to the oppressed in order to give them relief from tyranny. It is ironic indeed that tyranny now rears it's ugly head on our shores once again. The Federal government remains out of control, the Democratic Party is desperately trying to drag us toward Marxism, and the American educational system destroys individuality and encourages multiculturalism and collectivism while it proselytizes our children into good little socialists. Worse, the left has been steadily attacking American faith as intolerant and hypocritical and they have greatly succeeded in accomplishing their aims, and as a result American morality is nearly non-existent. With TV shows like MTV's virtual child porn and the near daily self destruction of actors and actresses in Hollywood being only two recent examples of this trend.

The darkness that is currently spreading across the face of the world has been patient. It learned the last time it stood against the West and it seeks a re-match. The United Nations is just as ineffective and trifling as was its predecessor, the League of Nations, and will be of no help. Only one last thing stands in the way of what is coming, and that is the nations of the West.

Will we stand as one as we once did or will we fall? Is there any strength left in the West? What of the will? There are many questions and damned few answers. In truth, I have begun to doubt the heart of my fellow citizens. We sent a signal the past election, but Barney Frank and Harry Reid were re-elected. That tells me that there is a schism in the U.S. and that we are no longer united as a people because we are at cross purposes.

The heart and soul of a community, state, or nation is a unity of beliefs that form a common culture and that is precisely what multiculturalism attacks. If that cultural foundation no longer exists, then the nation will fail. Why do you think that the control of the media is such a contentious issue? It is because they wish to influence what you think and what you believe. If you don't believe that the media has any influence over you, then I suggest that you examine how Barrack Obama got elected to the highest office in the land. Look at the questions that were asked of Hillary Clinton and John McCain and compare them to the questions that were asked of Obama. Examine how stories were manipulated in order to put Obama in a good light via collusion in the media. You will be amazed at what you learn and there was even a documentary made discussing the role of the media in getting Obama into office.

Yet all is not lost. During the Korean war, America took a bloody nose from the Red Chinese and then we took it to them. By the end of the war the Chinese hordes that had dominated at the beginning of the conflict had been destroyed. I know that we can face any enemy and that we can win if we set our hearts and minds to it, but we need a shared cause to fight for and that begs the question:

What would you die for?

The answer to that question will tell if the West will stand or fall when evil finally arrives at our front door. For me, the answer is carved in stone and my will is set. But each individual must make up their own mind. I do not know when this evil will choose to do battle with the world. It could be in five years or ten or even longer, but I fear that the casualties will be greater than World War II. Anger seethes in the world, and people are preoccupied with their passions, but when it decides to reveal itself you will know it for what it is.

It will test our resolve, our skills, our compassion, and our endurance and it will change our world, and I believe that it will be America's finest moment as World War II was England's. Let us hope that we prove to be worth our salt.


christian soldier said...

Indeed - my friend- the battle is coming-I hope we are ready...

Karen Howes said...

I have the same feeling, Bill. It's like we've been steadily driving towards a cliff for awhile, but someone just suddenly tromped down on the accelerator.

Always On Watch said...

Honestly, I don't feel much optimism these days.

The mass insanity mentioned in the post is governing the way so many now think. Furthermore, too many Americans seem to suffer from ADD and rely on slogans and sound bytes.

Bunkerville said...

Soon, I fear.The face of pure evil stalks the world.

WomanHonorThyself said...

I have the same horrific intuition..and that's why we must keep screaming and letting others know of the imminent danger...have a blessed Sunday my friend!:)

Matt said...

I saw your recent comment at King Shamus, and came over here. This is an impressive post, and I excerpted it at the Conservative Hideout. I'm also adding you to my blogroll. Thanks for this post.

Patrick Carroll said...

Brilliant once again William.

Have you ever seen or read THE LORD OF THE RINGS? because, you've just described it.

William Stout said...

Matt- Thank you sir, your kind words are much appreciated and I have addeded you to my blog roll as well. Thank you so much for stopping by and welcome to Paladin's Page!

Patrick- I have seen it, and the parallels are eerie. A nebulous evil, a sense of approaching doom, crippled governments, it's like Tolkien is writing world history. I suppose that fact does indeed reflect fiction.

Thanks to everyone for the great comments, they are always much appreciated!

robot said...

Hi William, I found you through Matt. Thanks for the thoughtful article and for having the courage to speak up.

Linked in my latest roundup and adding you to the blogrol as well.

Keep your powder dry!

Teresa said...

Brilliant article, William! I wonder whether we have the backbone, fortitude, will, solidarity as people of this nation, and American spirit to be ready for whatever is coming our way. I feel that something is coming toward us but I am not exactly sure what the test for us is going to be.

William Stout said...

Robot- Thank you for the comment and I will be happy to add you to mine. I hope that you stop by again and thank you for adding me to your blog roll! It is an honor.

Teresa- Those thoughts have been percolating in my mind as well. I must admit to some apprehension regarding them, hence the tone of the post. But I still have faith in my fellow citizens and I believe that push come to shove we will stand firm. I am glad that you dropped by and welcome to Paladin's Page!

MK said...

"We sent a signal the past election, but Barney Frank and Harry Reid were re-elected. That tells me that there is a schism in the U.S. and that we are no longer united as a people because we are at cross purposes."

Unfortunately you are right, we in the west are no longer united. Whether it's intentional or simply because some of us are too stupid to know otherwise, enough of us are working diligently to drag us down while the rest are doing what they can to provide a better world for our children.