Sunday, November 28, 2010

Julian Assange, Why is He Still Breathing?

The trouble with activists is that sooner or later they will inevitably cross the line from activism to hostile and by so doing they should become targets of black ops strike teams. Take Julian Assange for example. This guy takes classified military documents from a gay soldier who is all upset about don't ask, don't tell and decides to publish the classified files on the internet for the world to see in order to stick it to America. That act was an act of war against the United States of America. It undermined our combat operations in Afghanistan and it placed hundreds, if not thousands, of Afghanis in harms way because Mr. Assange wanted to be contrary by being a thorn in the side of the United States.

Therefore I ask the question: Why is this guy still alive? He should have been classified as a hostile and taken out by a wet work team. I'm not saying that a sniper should put a bullet in his head, but would anybody question Assange becoming drunk and falling down some stairs and breaking his neck? Or perhaps sample some coffee or some other beverage and then later have a massive heart attack? Those techniques and dozens more are fully within our capability to perform.

Now Assange has released documents stolen from the United States State Department, by the way great security there Hillary because that kind of reminds me of how the Red Chinese got our neutron bomb technology when your husband was President, and we have another crap storm created by this idiot. It isn't that the KGB, or MI-5, or the Massad couldn't have done this crap, but they refrained from being a pain in the ass to the nation whose secrets they stole. That way they avoided harsh feelings and embarrassment that may possibly invite a war. But Captain Sassypants does not do that. It seems that his only objective is to pee in our Wheaties and embarass us on the world stage thereby decreasing American prestige amongst our allies. While that may make him loved in Hollywood and in New York City, it sure as hell doesn't make him friends with our national interests.

So I will ask again, why is this dirt bag still sucking wind? All that would need to happen is for the activist, who by the way are all known for overloading electrical outlets with cheaply made appliances, to arrive at the office and then go up in an inferno with his activist staff. Unfortunate, but problem solved. Only that has not happened.

Sure, we could always go the route of farming out our dirty work to the third world and ending that little bastard that way, but where is the fun in that? Plus they go way too far overboard with explosives and engage in other high civilian casualties measures so I guess that won't work. As an alternative to having us take out the trash I suppose we could connect Mr. Assange to profaning the Prophet and let the Muzzies take him out with a fatwa. Those guys can dog you for years and if you doubt that then talk to Salman Rushdie and let him explain it to you. But Islam is not known for being efficient when it comes to terminating vermin and I really don't want to wait for years before seeing Assange's dead body floating down the river due to a water skiing accident or some such.

While I am not personally familiar with Mr. Assange's daily habits, I am sure that there is some activity that he engages in that could potentially produce lethal results. Insect bites that lead to anaphylactic shock, accidental poisonings, jealous rage by a lover, there are any number of terrible things that could happen to him. Yet this guy is still a thorn in America's side. Unbelievable. I thought that we were nothing more than blood thirsty, slavering beasts that murdered at the drop of a hat. You know, like the Palestinians.

Mr. Assange should be grateful that his assessment of us was in error and that we really aren't the boogeyman that he had painted us to be. Because in life, there are just so many ways to die and that ass hat is still breathing and that means something.

I'm just saying.


Karen Howes said...

Damn, Bill, remind me to never get on your bad side!

This guy has "creep" written all over him. Why he hasn't been arrested I don't know.

Anonymous said...

Agreed! If jimmy Carter hadn't emasculated the CIA, he would be long dead.

William Stout said...

Lol Karen, not to worry. I just don't understand how this guy could still be walking around creating problems for us when he should have been arrested and incarcerated. There are any number of measures that could have been employed if we were an evil nation as Mr. Assange and the left has claimed, but our lack of bite belies that assumption.

WomanHonorThyself said...

let us see how this one plays out my friend..............

Karen Howes said...

Well it dawned on me that he's Australian, not American. If he were, he probably WOULD have been arrested.

Julian had better watch his back, because someone just might try to whack him.

Anonymous said...


Leticia said...

I was wondering the same thing. In my opinion, he should be considered a domestic terrorist and charged with treason, and then executed.

However, any of your scenarios work for me, as well.

christian soldier said...

William - soooo glad to see that you are NOT being 'nice' ---I'm tired of us in the US being 'nice'...

after reading this aloud - my off-spring's comment was-
" we could just slip the Mafia a few bucks"---
now - that's a thought!!!

William Stout said...

Leticia- Amen, I believe that you are dead on with the terrorist assessment.

Carol- Hmmm, mafia. We get Vito and Luigi to whack the guy and bada bing, problem solved. I like it :-)

WomanHonorThyself said...

thanks for the lovely and hopeful comment at WHT're the best:)

MK said...

The reason why that piece of sh!t hasn't been disposed of is because America is not the dictatorship flush with secret prisons and death squads like in stupid leftist fantasies.

You see contrary to lazy and dishonest prattling from the left side of politics, there is no presidential assassination hit list of American citizens.

Personally i'm not in favor of 'accidents' for such pieces of sh!t, just a fair trial and a quick execution is all i'd like for traitors.

WomanHonorThyself said...

hope your'e havin a great day my friend!

Anonymous said...

Haha, fuck you Americans ! I guess the First Amendment and free speech are only for US citizens huh ? Got caught with your hand in the cookie jar ? Better get the CIA on the job. Maybe the US should stop interfering in the rest of the world's affairs. I hope Wikileaks brings down the whole house on you guys.

Patrick Carroll said...

Another great post William...Seems like you have a problem with spammers and so forth though!!!

William Stout said...

Anonymous- First, I really hate it when you don't have the guts to put your name with your comments. It means that you are a coward hiding behind anonymity in order to voice an opinion that you would be ashamed of if you could be identified with it. Secondly, you are entitled to your opinion, but it was the United States of America that shut down the Third Reich. It was the United States of America that shut down Japan in WW II. It was the United States of America that has fed the hungry, provided shelter to the homeless and has donated billions to the victims of natural disasters all over the world regardless of their enmity for us.

We have fought and bled in order to protect and defend those who cannot defend themselves. If you want to hate us for that, then so be it. But don't take the cowards path, as so many do, and whine about how the United States has ruined your perfect lives overseas because it just isn't so. The vast majority of the world was living in a piss hole before the U.S. showed up and they live in a piss hole now after the U.S. has fed and protected them because it is they who made it so.

I accept that people will hate us because of our values, our way of life, and our determination to end human suffering. That's life, but I put my real name on it and own my opinions. I have less than no respect for anybody who does not do as much.

Patrick- Good to see you brother, you are right about the spam. Will have to work on that.

kingshamus said...

Hahaaaa, nice post William.

One wonders if maybe these two women who accused him of rape aren't really Assange's 'unfortunate slip' in a different form.

Dries said...

Wow you guys, thanks for making me laugh.

I can understand that you guys like to grab some guns and start shooting, but in Europe we have laws and actually do respect our constitution. Judges in court will handle the case like law is supposed to work.

In my personal opinion Assange is free to put any document online if only the names and people in it stay out. Cant blame Assange for showing how bad U.S. makes it for itself by killing innocent children, raging war for oil, funding terrorist groups and torture.

Try not to promote hate next article and give some sound arguments will you?


Charlie said...

I am an Australian who has served my country in uniform, on occasion alongside US airmen - memories I cherish. I have always regarded myself as a friend of the US and Americans, and a supporter of their values. I also have a particular perspective on Assnge. Almost 20 years ago he hacked an Australian government network of which I was network manager. Believe me, there is nothing as sickening as getting a floppy disk with your network's welcome screen on it handed to you by the Federal Police. So I have no natural love of Assange - quite the opposite.

However, I am horrified by the content of your article. Why? Because he has broken no law and committed no crime punishable by the death penalty. It is likely that insofar as release of cables go, he has committed no crime at all. Yet you and many of your countrymen and lawmakers want him killed without trial.

As an Aussie, I and mine have never been subjected to the sort of Manifest Destiny thinking from the US that so many other countries have been subjected to for so long. That has all changed, because here is one of my countrymen who has been put in the same category as Osama and other unspeakables, simply because he published leaked cables.

If Assange does meet an unfortunate end that looks even remotely like the CIA might be involved, your country will make an enemy of me. Not a bomb-blowing, jihadi, kill all americans kind of enemy. More a 'that country no longer deserves either my country's friendship or support' kind of enemy. And when the USA starts getting dropped by middle-aged Anglo Celtic conservatives like me, you have to wonder whether maybe the rest of the significant part of the US-hating world might not have a point.

Fortunately we're not there yet, because sanity still has some sway. For the sake of both our countries, I hope it stays that way.

William Stout said...

I apologize for not articulating my arguments more fully. I shall try to do so now. First, Assange not only leaked cables he has placed the lives of hundreds of people in jeopardy. The Afghans he has exposed are now targets for the Taliban and will be murdered along with their families in a most grisly fashion if caught. Had Mr. Assange even attempted or gave the slightest thought to the people that he was placing in harm's way, I might have a different opinion, but he did not.

Second, the leaked cables places U.S. service men in greater jeopardy because one can ascertain tactical and strategic objectives and move to kill the NATO troops and U.S. troops trying to implement said objectives. Thus Mr. Assange has moved from an annoyance to a direct threat to the lives of both the military and civilians in the Afghan war. Once you have done that you have become a hostile/terrorist and those people need to die.

If somebody were leaking secrets that threatened the lives of your families would you be as forgiving? Would you allow such a man to continue to spill secrets that would end up with your wife and children butchered? It's just a little document leak right? Wrong.

I do not care about the embarrassment to the United States or the loss of international prestige and trust. I care about lives and Assange directly threatens them. Worse, his example is a pathway for others to follow suit further endangering lives. For that alone he should be terminated in my opinion if only to serve as an example to others and I will make no apologies for my belief nor will I water down my opinions to smooth over ruffled feathers. This is why I believe that Assange has become a terrorist. If you want more proof of this there is the fact that he has threatened to release more documents exposing further lives to deadly danger if he is pursued on the matter. Why would he use blackmail if he truly believed that he was in the right? Why would he knowingly threaten to place even more lives in danger to save his own scrawny ass?

Apparently you also missed the final conclusion of my article as well. The mere fact that Assange is still breathing is testament to the forgiveness of the U.S. government. I notice that you absolutely failed to notice that so I include it here. Nevertheless, I appreciate your difference of opinions on the issue, but when lives are at stake I believe that death is more than warranted for the offender. Make no mistake by releasing the names of informants to NATO troops Assange has placed a gun to the head of each and every one of those people and their families and while he may not be the one pulling the trigger, they never would have been in danger if he hadn't released those cable. If you are ok with that then reason will never reach you.

Anonymous said...

I've been following the cables with keen interest. I've seen cables which say that Prince Andrew thinks America sucks at geography, that Silvio Berlusconi has poor zipper control, and that my former Prime Minister is an incompetent control freak. Frankly, big woop - I didn't need Assange to tell me any of that. But what I haven't seen is a single leaked cable that has identified an informant in Afghanistan or Iraq.

I've got mates over in the sandpit, and if I thought he had put any of them at risk, I'd be calling for him to be brought home and tried for treason here. He hasn't - indeed it would appear the people overseeing the Wikileaking are actually doing a pretty good job of self-censorship.

I get it that you don't care if your country loses friends and allies. If what you are calling for comes to pass, that day may well come. And in the Chinese century, you might find that you don't like it.

William Stout said...

Perhaps Sir, but apparently you missed the revelation of the names of NATO informants that Assange also leaked courtesy of a U.S. traitor. If the U.S. must miss out on friends because of administering justice to our foes, then so be it. I believe that we are far better off without such fair weather friends.

Charlie said...

In every war of the 20th and 21st centuries, when the US has wanted Allies Australia has been there. We covered Pershing's troops in their first battle on the Western Front in the First War. Our cruiser HMAS Canberra and her crew lie in Ironbottom sound at Guadalcanal along with the US fleet and their crews. Aussie Mustangs were the first air element in action in Korea. And in Vietnam, we cleared the NVA and VC out of Phuoc Tuy province while Canada was hiding your draft dodgers. We were in Iraq (both times) and we're still in Ourouzgan.

Fair weather friends? Why the f*** did we bother.

William Stout said...

The valor of the Aussie soldier is beyond question as is his service record. I was referring to your threat to withdraw your friendship from the U.S. should it terminate a terrorist. Your stance is one of dominance. So long as the U.S. does as you demand we are worthy of your friendship. Should we deviate from what you believe we should do, you threaten to withdraw that friendship. Further, you suggest that America will stand alone as the rest of the West turns their back on her should she engage an adversary. Is that not the definition of a fair weather friend?

If that is not what you meant then please explain it to me as I would love to understand your meaning. The West and your home are under siege as we speak as our way of life is threatened by the radical Muslim and by the left. From Christianity to personal liberty and free thought, the peoples of the West have never been is such dire circumstances outside of World War II. Worse, our enemies are beginning to gather at the gates and a flash point for World War III could occur nearly anywhere. In short, we live in dangerous times.

The West is currently fighting an asymmetric war that is being fought on the ground, in the civilian populations, and on the Web. The enemy moves freely within the battle space and does not wear a uniform. In short, it is insurgency squared and it is a war that the West has never fought before and we have no guarantee of winning. America still needs her friends and they need us, but it is becoming increasingly clear that Europe will fall to Islam in thirty years and Australia and New Zealand may very well be headed the same way leaving the United State alone on the battlements of the West. If you wish further proof of this then I recommend Mark Steyn's book "America Alone."

As I said before, I believe that the enemies of freedom should be engaged and Mr. Assange has crossed the line from a leftist annoyance to an active terrorist using information to further our enemies cause. Wiki leaks did not scrub the data before posting the NAMES of hundreds of NATO informers in the leak of thousands of classified military documents by Bradley Manning who should be tried for treason in my opinion. Assange's culpability was evident because he released documents without first having read them. He and Wiki leaks were surprised that they had unwittingly endangered the lives of hundreds of civilians. But Mr. Assange didn't stop there, when it became apparent that the U.S. was going to pursue him criminally he threatened to release hundreds more documents that he claimed would endanger even more lives in order to save his own sorry hide.

If I had anything to do with it he would have been assigned to a wet work detail and the world could weep for that bottom feeder and his "unfortunate accident." Sadly, I can only sit by and watch as the bumbler in chief dithers.

Regardless, I bear you no ill will and wish you a merry Christmas.

sharpfang said...

mm I just came across this testosterone-charged drivel and thought I`d reply.
First though, I wondered if you had changed your mind about Wikileaks and Assange ? The way things are going in the US politically & economically, now: as the Elite make their bid for total control of your developing Feudal state, do you see things differently ?
The US is being bankrupte by the M-I-C, fighting endless wars for Commercial reasons. The state picks up the costs and the Corporations pick up the profits, no jobs, wages falling and desperation spreading.
Assange stands against the Militarisatuion and Corporatisation of our world - something which threatens us all and the very Planet we live on. How can you see him as the enemy and not the Koch brotheres and Cheny et al ?
Have you considered that you are a coward - attacking the easy FoxNews designated enemy, Assange and avoiding the far more difficult forces that are really destroying your country ?
see Wisconsin protests. You might wonder why the massive US-worker protests are being censored all over the Western world. Don`t want the sheeple getting the wrong idea, eh ?