Friday, July 25, 2014

The Left Strikes Again

Small towns, baseball, and apple pie, all American and all very typical, right? Wrong. The politically correct doctrine, or raw sewage as I like to call it, has finally drizzled down to small town Carthage, Missouri. A small country church invited the local National Guard over to tell the children at vacation Bible school what they did and to thank them for their service. Similar invitations were sent to the local rescue squads, fire department, and Sheriff's office. All, but one accepted the invitation to showcase their operation, do you want to guess which one? The military.

Federal guidelines which allow for troops to be present at gay pride parades, mandates that no appearance of endorsement be made by the U.S. military for any religion. Aside from Islam being excepted from that mandate, the National Guard's hands had been tied by the Federal government. Full story here.

The trouble with leftist politically correct garbage is that it completely eliminates common sense in favor of the left's ideology. If you don't say it or do it, the objectionable behavior will fade. So what's so objectionable about telling children what the mission of the U.S. military is? One guardsman is quoted as saying, "I can tell you I’m ashamed and embarrassed right now, this isn’t the military I signed up for.” A comment for which some liberal jackass is probably frothing at the mouth to make that person pay for expressing such dissent. The effect on military Chaplains is also chilling.

In the not too distant past, Catholic Priests were ordered not to follow the Pope's direction in their masses regarding issues that the Catholic church disagrees with. Is military authority now superior to that of God? Does the military no longer recognize the United States Constitution? Why is it perfectly valid for the U.S. military to sponsor a concert in support of atheism and then deny the opportunity of explaining to children about the Army's mission because it happens to be on church property? But this is the world that the left has created.

Aside from spewing their hate filled rhetoric, what have these people accomplished? Other than wasting hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars, have they done anything of note? I look around and I don't see a leftist's face on Mount Rushmore. I recall several leftist debacles, but not one rousing success. I recall the Palmer Raids, I remember the Sedition Act, I can dredge up eugenics, Jim Crow laws, blocking Republican efforts to grant blacks civil rights in the 1950's under Eisenhower, and a long string of racial pejoratives, cross burnings, and lynching. I recall the Vietnam war, which was a Democrat war. President Johnson placed 450,000 boots on the ground in response to the Gulf of Tonkin incident. An incident that Admiral Jim Stockdale said never happened and had gun footage to prove it, but was destroyed because it contradicted President Johnson.

In addition to the litany of leftist foibles, there is also the House Banking scandal, the Post Office scandal, and phony "Bush flew to Paris and negotiated a deal with the Ayatollah to win an election over Carter" scandal. Tip O'Neal said that there was absolutely no evidence of the last, but the charges were so serious that the Congress had to investigate it anyway. Personally, I just think he just wanted to fly to Paris on the taxpayer's dime.

More recently, we have the Benghazi scandal, the IRS scandal, the EPA scandal, Fast and Furious, and God knows what else out there waiting to break. The left has given us a government that is about as secretive as Russia's despite their promise to make it more open and transparent. Add to that obstruction of justice, the hiding and willful destruction of evidence, and stonewalling. So I ask again, what have they done for us? We have already found out what they meant by hope and change the hard way, and don't think that they don't have blood on their hands.

Thirty million dead secondary to mosquito disease vectors because of their insane ban on DDT, approximately forty million dead due to Roe v. Wade, and scores of dead courtesy of their other scandals like Fast and Furious. Some ATF officers even considered researching key members of Congress for material that they could then use to blackmail them with in order to get them off of the ATF's back.  Is it any wonder that a Lois Lerner type existed and operated at the IRS? Integrity is always the first casualty of the leftist agenda.

Now we have the corruption of the U.S. military. A force that endorses the gay community and absolutely rejects children at Bible camp because of orders. You have to be brain damaged in order to think that any of this is right. But then again the left is brain damaged, at least from a psychological perspective. If their masters told them to vote for the Easter bunny for President they would do so in a heartbeat. Like a wind up automaton, they do as they are told with no individual thought at all. Why do you suppose that Planned Parenthood hides the rapes of children or promotes child prostitution? The left can't even come up with a cogent explanation for any of this. That's why they use ad hominem and vitriol. It is also why they refuse to engage in the arena of ideas, they know that they will lose.

I have often pointed out that the leftist lives in a world of contradictions. If they didn't, they wouldn't be leftists. A contradiction to a leftist is his signal that all is right in his domain. In his mind, there is no problem with sending the military to a celebration of atheism or a gay pride parade and not sending it to a children's Bible camp.

You would think that the American people would recognize these jackals for the imbeciles that they are. The Soviets termed them useful idiots. Alinsky called them community organizers. I call them dangerous to our way of life and the enemies of freedom. They are liars and thieves and they deceive the electorate every election that they run a candidate. They even used voter fraud to win elections when their lies won't suffice. They are a vile and despicable blight on the fabric of our nation. And yes, I really mean that.

Look at the comments from one Ema Nymton in my previous posts. Does she try to enter into a dialogue in response to the points that I have made? Does she offer any counter points? Nope, she goes straight for the race card. Because if you disagree with Obama, you are a racist. I suppose that makes the First Lady a racist by default. Does Nymton even know my race? Frankly, she doesn't care. She just swoops in, drops a load, and leaves in typical leftist, brain dead fashion. I doubt that she even has two brain cells to rub together in that vast chasm that resides between her ears. All she knows is "leftist good, all else bad." Her programming won't allow her to consider any other point of view, so firmly is her intellectual chains set upon her.

But even so, America has not woken up to this threat. As we sleep, the left moves to enslave us to it's insane ideology. They seek to place our minds in chains as well. I will not wear their fetters. How about you?

Thursday, July 24, 2014

In The Service of Justice

We have a select committee, we have scandal after scandal, and cover up after cover up. We have
enough lies to sink a battleship. We have obstruction of justice and obfuscation. We have more stonewalls than Fredericksburg. What we don't have, is a special prosecutor. From Fast & Furious to reading emails for fun and profit, the American people have been kept in the dark for long enough.

The litany against this President and his cronies is a long one. The lies told are too numerous to count. Government waste is in the hundreds of billions. America's foreign policy is non-existent. Our military is being reduced to pre-World War II levels. In short, we are being sunset as a nation due to incompetence and corruption. Welcome to the leftist Utopia of hope and change. If you aren't angry you are either not paying attention or a leftist yourself.

The behavior of the left has been utterly predictable. They have ever been apologists for each and every leftist disaster. Six years of President Obama's administration and they still blame Bush for failures of policy and don't even get me started on Jen Psaki. Frankly I have a theory regarding Adolf Hitler, if he had been a Democrat there would be schools named after him today. To the leftist, your actions do not matter nor does your judgment, all that matters to the left is your label. Have that, and you are golden. You will be defended no matter how vile your actions. As an example, they have even forgiven Stalin his sins and erected a statue in his honor in Northern Virginia.

But America is not a collectivist nation, at least not yet. Nor are we a gang of thieves and liars no matter how hard the left tries to make us such. No, we are Americans and we believe in justice and justice demands that those responsible for committing crimes against the United States be called to answer for them no matter the protestations of the left. If you have watched any of the hearings regarding Benghazi or the IRS scandal, all you have seen is the left making excuses for bad decisions and the lies told to the American people. They ignore their oath of office in pursuit of covering up the truth.

Now that the IRS has lied, covered up evidence, and been forced to come clean like a six year old child with his hand caught in the cookie jar, it is time for somebody to go to jail. Lois Lerner has had an arrest warrant issued for her by the Congress. There is a reward on the table for $1,000,000.00 dollars for information on the IRS scandal that yields those responsible for the destruction of evidence, and Congress has bypassed the Department of Justice who has aided and abetted numerous cover ups and refuses to investigate criminal wrong doing of this administration. Worse, the news media is also aiding and abetting the cover up by their decision to support politics rather than to protect the freedoms of the American citizen and inform the electorate. As such, their betrayal of the American people is a far worse offense.

The reason that you have a free press is to insure that the people are advised of the actions of their government. When the free press decides to whore themselves to their favorite political party, they are no longer free and the liberty of the electorate is threatened. That is why they are now the enemies of freedom. They have sold their allegiance to the Democrats and the left. As surely as corrupt politicians threaten the political system, corrupt news reporting threatens your individual liberty.

In typical Roman elitist fashion, the left has kept the American public at bay with a bread and circuses approach. By diverting your attention they keep you from asking the important questions, and they hide the malfeasance of your elected officials. In such an environment, is it any wonder that people like Lois Lerner dominate? Is it any wonder that the government does not care what you think? Is it any wonder that they feel free to lie repeatedly?

If we are to return trust to the American people and serve justice, there must be a special prosecutor appointed and those responsible for criminal wrong doing must be punished. If people are not held accountable for their actions, then what is to stop them from acting as they see fit? What removes caprice from their decisions? As Obama and his minions have taken over the government, darkness has spread from one corner of the Federal government to another, despite false promises of the contrary. From private computers to hidden email accounts, the officials of Obama's administration has hidden their true actions from the public in order to hide from FOIA requests.

In fact, if you want documents from the Federal government you have to sue them and have them ordered by a Federal Judge in order to get them. That was how we learned that Congressman Cummings was a liar and that he encouraged the pursuit of conservative groups by the IRS. Is it any wonder that this man did his damndest to short circuit the committee hearing? Do you really think that he wanted that known? If anything, he should be the target of an investigation by the House Ethics Committee for his dishonorable acts. What else has he lied about? What other dishonorable acts has he done?

The electorate cannot sit this one out. We must act, and by action I mean that we must contact those who "represent" us in Washington and demand answers. Who lied? Who destroyed evidence? Who is responsible for targeting people based strictly on their political views? Who initiated criminal investigations based on the same criteria? What elected officials aided in the cover up? Why did the IRS lie to the Congress? How can the American people trust their own government given recent revelations?

If you want to remain a free people, then you should act. If you don't care about being a slave to your own government, then do nothing. The choice is yours.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

What A Coward

President Obama recently dismissed military aid to the Ukraine as his Ambassador to the U.N. read Russia the riot act. As per usual, the White House and it's appendages have no idea what is going on with each other. So much for the left's vaunted intellectualism. Our President, and I cannot express just how sickening it is to admit that he is such, obfuscates, lies, colludes with terrorists, and uses the organs of government to attack his political enemies. How is he any different than Richard Nixon? Oh wait, that's right, nobody died in Watergate. Stupid me.

Is it any wonder than Putin sees Obama as little more than a clown? To be honest, the rodeo clown doing a skit as Obama was more official. I wish that there were something worse to call him, other than a coward. By abandoning the Ukraine, President Obama has given the green light for Putin to do as he wills. Vladimir Putin is ex-KGB. He knows what they did during the Soviet years. He even had a hand in some of it. God only knows what he is going to with the license that was just granted by Obama. Frankly, I don't even believe that Obama gives a rat's furry hind end for the people of the Ukraine or the dead aboard the shot down aircraft. Christ, he went to New York for a fundraiser when he heard the news. This isn't the first time he's been asleep at the wheel either. During the Benghazi attack, he went to bed while American's were dying in the desert of Libya, one of them was his own Ambassador.

And congratulations America, you were the dumbass that gave him the job. Great going, just perfect non compos mentis. Perhaps in two years, sanity will return to the electorate and we will be able to replace this jackass with somebody who is actually qualified for the job and is in possession of a spine.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

America - Imagine A World Without Her

Dinesh D'Souza created a film that attempts to address the charges of the left against the USA. He examines the charges leveled by the left and then he addresses those charges with the facts. By the time that the movie ends, you leave the feeling with a sense of pride about the United States of America. The film opens with a scene from the Revolutionary War. We see the troops straightening and saluting George Washington as he passes through their camp. The battle line is formed, and the men begin to march with General Washington astride his horse. Then shots ring out and the battle is joined, the men break into a charge and suddenly, Washington goes down to a sniper's bullet.

There is no doubt that the personality of Washington was responsible for driving the Revolutionary War. His example and leadership is what held that rag tag army together. But George Washington was no leader of state at the time, and he most certainly only had tepid support from the legislatures during the war. In fact, there were several attempts to replace him and some of those attempts found a home in some of his fellow General officers. But if Washington was steadfast in anything, he was steadfast in his commitment to freedom. Had Washington died on any of the many battlefields that he traversed during the war, there can be no doubt that the America we know today would not exist. That is why we call him the father of our nation.

We no longer teach students in the public schools to be proud of their home anymore. In fact, Washington himself has been excised in large part by school textbooks. We teach them that America is flawed and that those flaws run to the very foundations of our home. In colleges and universities, they tell their students why America is flawed and lead them to socialism and Marxism as the solutions to these flaws. They advocate fundamental change, and say that America must be destroyed in order to be cured of her Capitalist disease. In short, they fill our children's minds with rubbish.

This is why parents choose to educate their own children, this is why they demand vouchers so that they can remove their children from these faulty schools. This is also why the left fights tooth and nail to keep them there. The left does love it's indoctrination programs, but when they cannot indoctrinate, they do not hesitate to use force. Bill Ayers, a Professor at the University of Illinois, once advocated the murder of twenty-five million Americans because he believed that they would not accept indoctrination. His wife, Bernadine Dohrn, was even more bloodthirsty. Today Mr. Ayers is allowed to spread his rabid ideology to our children. Exactly why the University would allow him to pour poison into the ears of the young, I do not know. Yet he is presented as the right model of the world, and George Washington is reviled. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

Frankly, these are the people who are telling our children that the U.S. is a cesspool of violence and caprice. If that isn't the pot calling the kettle black, then I don't know what is. America is not perfect. Just as there is no nation that is perfect. Nothing created by man can be perfect. We have made mistakes and we have done some questionable things, but does that mean that we can have no pride in our home? Does it mean that we are worse than all other nations? Does it mean that our people are not exceptional? It does not. Even today, America does more for the world than all other nations combined.

Our founding signaled something new in the world. In five thousand years of recorded human history, there has never been anything quite like it. The founders of this nation were educated men who picked and chose that which was best in Western society and created a nation where the individual is supreme. Where opportunity and business could thrive. But the steady march toward socialism is dimming the dream. Margaret Thatcher said that socialism was a wonderful thing, until you ran out of other people's money. When you do, you end up like Portugal, Ireland, Greece, and Spain. Britain, France, and the Scandinavian countries are a close second.

Dinesh D'Souza pulls no punches in his examination of right and left. The arguments of the left are heard in their own voices. I cannot say that I enjoyed hearing from Ward Churchill in the film, but it was instructive. His answer to Mr. D'Souza's question about bombing America was also instructive. I have been watching the left in this country for forty years. They have not changed. It is a certainty that their methods have changed, but they are the same people that they were in the 1960's.

Through multiculturalism, post modernism, and Marxism they have managed to cause a cultural change in the United States of America. They have infiltrated Hollywood, the News, literature, and television. Today, America swims in leftist propaganda, and many don't even realize it. The film does not address any of these issues, but that is not it's purpose. The intent of the film is to define what, if anything, is good about America. Mr. D'Souza does a fine job of answering that question.

The left will leave this film with a foul taste in their mouth, but that is to be expected. I left the theatre with a spring in my step. If you are having doubts about America or wish that you could see a film that presents the United States in a fair and balanced approach, then I highly recommend this film. I also advise you to note the demographics of the audience. My experience showed that the vast majority of the audience was over the age of fifty. It is an excellent movie to take your family to see, and should provide a good  discussion after viewing about the points made.